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separated by space: roll angle
multi-word quotes: "roll angle"
limit to datasets of these
format YYYY-MM-DD
separated by comma or space
Zoom the map to your region of interest and click the button to set the values in the forms. Alternatively you can enter the coordinates directly.

For HALO-DB results only html (default)

Description—How to search

Welcome to the Data Detective,
the comprehensive search tool of HALO-DB.
The following specifications were made, to give you a understanding of the capacious search criteria to get datasets where you are focused on.

  • There are no mandatory fields. If no specifications are selected, you will get all datasets.
  • The different search criteria are connected via a logical AND.
  • Exception: Inside the search criterion mission (multiple inputs are possible), the selected inputs are connected via a logical OR.

Search Criteria

  • Text: free text in the dataset's metadata: comment, name of the parameter or variable
  • Missions: You can specify the datasets of the missions you are interested in.
  • Measurement Period: You can specify a start or/and a stop date. In general datasets or datasets of a mission, which are associated with these period will match the query.
  • Parameters: The name of the observed or modeled variable. The name must follow the CF Metadata convention.
  • Geolocation: You can specify the region of your interest with the help of the map.

Open Search

This website is OpenSearch enabled. OpenSearch response elements are also added to the JSON output while making use of the functionality of JSON-LD.