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Welcome to HALO-DB!


The HALO-DB is a platform intended primarily for sharing data of scientific missions involving DLR aircraft or in-situ instruments. Some functionality is available to registered users only. To register, please send an informal e-mail with a short description of your objectives to Your account at the HALO-DB will be tied to the e-mail address you provide.

If you want to upload or download (restricted) data pertaining to a specific mission, your HALO-DB account needs to get signed up for that mission: Please contact a PI or Admin of the mission for that. You might need to sign a data protocol first. The same HALO-DB account can be a member of several missions.

If you are a PI or Admin of a mission hosted at this site, you can send a list of e-mail addresses of your co-workers to for them to get HALO-DB accounts. Some additional functionality will show up for you in your missions: You may edit the mission's HALO-DB page, add registered users to the mission or revoke memberships.

If you forgot your password: Follow this link to obtain a new password, anytime. Please note that your account will be locked for about 30 minutes after three unsuccessful login attempts.