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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I contact a member of a mission?

If the member is registered, you can follow the link on the member's name.
You will get the most recent contact information we have. HALO-DB doesn't support a direct contact.

2. I'm missing a data source (instrument or model). How can I create a new data source?

Only logged-in users who belong to at least one mission can create a data source (instrument or model).

3. Why I should subscribe a dataset?

As logged-in user you can subscribe a dataset.
In that case you will be informed immediately, if a new release of the dataset is available.

4. How can I unsubscribe a dataset?

If you are logged-in and your account is related to dataset subscriptions, there are several ways to cancel a subscription.

  • To unsubscribe datasets en bloc, please visit your personal account page.
  • To unsubscribe a single dataset, please take a look on the dataset's page.
  • The e-mail notification of the dataset subscription contains a encrypted link.
    The visit of that link will cancel your subscription of the dataset.
    Be carfully and don't forward the notification e-mail to a third party.
    Otherwise they can cancel the subscription of your dataset without your affirmation.
5. I'm a PI of an upcoming HALO mission. How I can establish a site for my mission in the HALO-DB?

To establish a new mission on HALO-DB, please contact the HALO-DB staff at first.
After we have initialized a site for your mission, you may login and edit most parts of it. You can add members to your mission, assign roles to them, or revoke memberships.