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Parameter tendency_​of_​atmosphere_​enthalpy_​content_​due_​to_​advection


Properties of the parameter tendency_​of_​atmosphere_​enthalpy_​content_​due_​to_​advection
Name tendency_of_atmosphere_enthalpy_content_due_to_advection
Description The specification of a physical process by the phrase due_to_process means that the quantity named is a single term in a sum of terms which together compose the general quantity named by omitting the phrase. "tendency_of_X" means derivative of X with respect to time. "Content" indicates a quantity per unit area. The "atmosphere content" of a quantity refers to the vertical integral from the surface to the top of the atmosphere. For the content between specified levels in the atmosphere, standard names including content_of_atmosphere_layer are used. Enthalpy can be written either as (1) CpT, where Cp is heat capacity at constant pressure, T is absolute temperature, or (2) U+pV, where U is internal energy, p is pressure and V is volume.
AMIP code (Library of AMIP Data Transmission Standards) not specified
GRIB code not specified


The parameter was taken from the NetCDF CF Metadata Convention.

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