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Parameter product_​of_​northward_​sea_​water_​velocity_​and_​salinity


Properties of the parameter product_​of_​northward_​sea_​water_​velocity_​and_​salinity
Name product_of_northward_sea_water_velocity_and_salinity
Description "product_of_X_and_Y" means X*Y. A velocity is a vector quantity. "Northward" indicates a vector component which is positive when directed northward (negative southward). The unit of salinity is PSU, which is dimensionless. The units attribute should be given as 1e-3 or 0.001 i.e. parts per thousand if salinity is in PSU.
AMIP code (Library of AMIP Data Transmission Standards) not specified
GRIB code not specified


The parameter was taken from the NetCDF CF Metadata Convention.

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