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Parameter mole_​concentration_​of_​phytoplankton_​in_​sea_​water_​expressed_​as_​nitrogen


Properties of the parameter mole_​concentration_​of_​phytoplankton_​in_​sea_​water_​expressed_​as_​nitrogen
Name mole_concentration_of_phytoplankton_in_sea_water_expressed_as_nitrogen
Description Mole concentration means moles (amount of substance) per unit volume and is used in the construction mole_concentration_of_X_in_Y, where X is a material constituent of Y. The construction expressed_as_nitrogen means that the mole concentration is that of nitrogen atoms due to the phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are autotrophic prokaryotic or eukaryotic algae that live near the water surface where there is sufficient light to support photosynthesis.
AMIP code (Library of AMIP Data Transmission Standards) not specified
GRIB code not specified


The parameter was taken from the NetCDF CF Metadata Convention.