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Parameter integral_​of_​air_​temperature_​excess_​wrt_​time


Properties of the parameter integral_​of_​air_​temperature_​excess_​wrt_​time
Name integral_of_air_temperature_excess_wrt_time
Description "integral_of_Y_wrt_X" means int Y dX. The data variable should have an axis for X specifying the limits of the integral as bounds. "wrt" means with respect to. Air temperature is the bulk temperature of the air, not the surface (skin) temperature. The air temperature excess is the air temperature minus the air temperature threshold. Its integral with respect to time is often called after its units of "degree-days".
AMIP code (Library of AMIP Data Transmission Standards) not specified
GRIB code not specified


The parameter was taken from the NetCDF CF Metadata Convention.

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