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Parameter equivalent_​thickness_​at_​stp_​of_​atmosphere_​ozone_​content


Properties of the parameter equivalent_​thickness_​at_​stp_​of_​atmosphere_​ozone_​content
Name equivalent_thickness_at_stp_of_atmosphere_ozone_content
Description "stp" means standard temperature (0 degC) and pressure (101325 Pa). "Content" indicates a quantity per unit area. The "atmosphere content" of a quantity refers to the vertical integral from the surface to the top of the atmosphere. For the content between specified levels in the atmosphere, standard names including content_of_atmosphere_layer are used. The equivalent thickness at STP of a particular constituent of the atmosphere is the thickness of the layer that the gas would occupy if it was separated from the other constituents and gathered together at STP.
AMIP code (Library of AMIP Data Transmission Standards) not specified
GRIB code 10


The parameter was taken from the NetCDF CF Metadata Convention.

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