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Mission: TEST 1

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last modified 10 months and 8 days ago


Full mission name: Test Mission


Data sets uploaded to this test mission are removed hourly. All data sets uploaded to this test mission are unrestricted accessable by all logged in users. Some features of the database and web portal are not available for this mission.

Map of the measuring area

Mission Photo

Mission Info

  • Start: 2009-12-31
  • Stop: 2010-08-30
  • Region: Germany
  • Begin free data access: 2015-12-31
  • Website:

Data Origin

Genesis of the data (see glossary).


  1. Platform Radiosonde
  2. Platform HALO
    • Instrument not specified.
    • Instrument SNOOPY
  3. Platform D-FDLR


No model specified.

Available datasets

Available datasets include their categories (see glossary), data sources(see glossary) and their authors. If the revision date is not available the date of the file upload is used (those dates are then marked with a '*').
Dataset Category Data source Institute Revision
#3718 | test_00.nas HALO unknown DLR 2003-07-26
#3719 | test_01.nas HALO unknown DLR 2002-08-28
#3720 | test_02.nas HALO unknown DLR 2009-05-24
#5817 | Radiosonde GRAW DLR 2016-04-04
#6259 | ok_Snoopy.ames HALO SNOOPY DLR 2016-11-03
#6336 | D-FDLR PICARRO_G1301 DLR 2019-01-31
#6260 | test_Snoopy.ames HALO SNOOPY DLR 2018-12-19