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Full mission name: SOUTHWAVE


SOUTHWAVE is related to project PD-206 by the Helmholtz association and the ARISE2 project of the H2020 programme of the European Union. The CORAL lidar was deployed at EART station in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina in direct vicinity to the SAAMER meteor radar to obtain high-resolution middle atmospheric soundings at the worlds hotspot for mountain waves. Later on it will contribute to the SOUTHTRAC campaign taking place in the region.

Map of the measuring area

Up to now no mission photo is available!

Mission Photo
Photographer: A. Minikin © DLR

Mission Info

  • Start: 2017-11-24
  • Stop: 2099-12-31
  • Region:
  • Begin free data access: 2018-12-31
  • Website:

Data Origin

Genesis of the data (see glossary).


No instrument specified.


No model specified.

Available datasets

No dataset available.