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Institute U Heidelberg


Properties of the U Heidelberg
Acronym: U Heidelberg
Name: Universität Heidelberg
Country: Germany
Official website:

Description of the institute

The concept of the comprehensive university is a central component of Heidelberg University's institutional strategy and ensured the University's success in the German Excellence Initiative. The University places special emphasis on initiating and maintaining a dialogue across traditional subject boundaries and developing new forms of interdisciplinary cooperation. The following are four of the University's outstanding research areas:

  • Molecular and cellular basis of life
  • Structure and pattern formation in the material world
  • Cultural dynamics in globalised worlds
  • Self-regulation and regulation: individuals and organisations

The two clusters of excellence "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" and "Cellular Networks", both funded by the Excellence Initiative, represent additional research foci. Another strength of Heidelberg University lies in its numerous collaborations and alliances with non-university research institutions and companies in Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar region and its strong involvement in two top-level clusters of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.