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Institute U Bremen


Properties of the U Bremen
Acronym: U Bremen
Name: Universität Bremen
Country: Germany
Official website:

Description of the institute

The University performed extremely well in the first two rounds of the Excellence Initiative supported by the German Ministry of Education and Research and the federal states, being awarded recognition for the excellence of three of its institutions: Two graduate schools and a cluster of excellence.

Research conducted at the University of Bremen is interdisciplinary. In other words: Bremen research transcends the borders of traditional disciplines and is embedded within six research concentrations, also known as high-profile areas:

  • Ocean and Climate Research
  • Materials Science
  • Information-Cognition-Communication
  • Social Sciences
  • Health Science
  • Logistics

The University of Bremen numbers among the most successful universities in Germany with regard to acquiring external funding for research projects. In 2009 the University’s scholars and scientists acquired some 86 million euros of research funding ― almost one third of the University’s entire budget.


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