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Institute TU Dresden


Properties of the TU Dresden
Acronym: TU Dresden
Name: Technische Universität Dresden
Country: Germany
Official website:

Description of the institute

The TU Dresden is among the top universities in Germany and Europe: strong in research, offering first-rate programmes with an overwhelming diversity, with close ties to culture, industry and society. As a modern full-status university with 14 departments it offers a wide academic range making it one of a very few in Germany. TU Dresden is the largest university in Saxony.

The big campus family of TU Dresden are more than 36,000 students, 5,319 publicly funded staff members – among them 507 professors – and approximately 3,265 externally funded staff members (1.12.2011).

TU Dresden was the only East German university to be successful in the first round of the Initiative for Excellence by the Federal Government for promoting top-class university research in 2006 with an excellence cluster and a graduate school. This underlines TU Dresden’s leading role in top-level research and in promoting junior researchers. Funding will be available to the graduate school „Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering“ and the excellence cluster "From Cells to Tissues to Therapies".