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Dependencies in Dataset #6413

uploaded by Funktional Ramses Sensorgruppe, DLR
during 3DO mission

Entries (observed variables)

Information about observed variables of the current dataset.
No. Name
01 time in seconds since 1970-1-1 (UTC) (seconds since 1970-1-1 00:00:00 +00:00)
02 RMS/Position North (m)
03 RMS/Position East (m)
04 RMS/Position Up (m)
05 WGS84 Datum/Elliptical Height (m)
06 IGI actual track angle (deg+)
07 IGI body x-axis acceleration (m/s^2)
08 IGI body y-axis acceleration (m/s^2)
09 IGI body z-axis acceleration (m/s^2)
10 IGI vertical acceleration (m/s^2)
11 Velocity/East (m/s)
12 IGI ground speed (m/s)
13 true heading (deg+)
14 WGS84 Datum/Latitude (deg)
15 WGS84 Datum/Longitude (deg)
16 Velocity/North (m/s)
17 IGI body roll rate (deg/s)
18 roll angle (deg)
19 IGI body pitch rate (deg/s)
20 IGI body yaw rate (deg/s)
21 pitch angle (deg)
22 Velocity/Up (m/s)
23 Absolute Humidity (g/m^3)
24 Height above Sea Level calculated from met. data (fast) (m)
25 Machnumber (Ma)
26 Mixing Ratio (g/kg)
27 Humidity Data Source (1:Vaisala/2:ly_a(lin)/3:ly_a(log)/4:GE-dewpoint)
28 Dewpoint Temperature (K)
29 Angle of Attack (deg)
30 Angle of Sideslip (deg)
31 Velocity/East no schuler correction applied (m/s)
32 Pressure Altitude (m)
33 Velocity/North no schuler correction applied (m/s)
34 Static Pressure (from NB_PSIA) (hPa)
35 Dynamic Pressure (hPa)
36 Relative Humidity with Respect to Water (%)
37 Calculated True Airspeed (m/s)
38 Total Air Temperature (deicing corrected, from BDY-TTQ) (K)
39 Potential Temperature (K)
40 Virtual Potential Temperature (K)
41 Static Air Temperature (from BDY-TTQ) (K)
42 Virtual Temperature (K)
43 Wind Vector East Component (m/s)
44 Wind Vector North Component (m/s)
45 Vertical Velocity (from IRS) (m/s)
46 Wind Vector Vertical Component (m/s)
47 Horizontal Wind Direction (deg+)
48 Horizontal Windspeed (m/s)
A virtual entry: tid given by 90600 constant values

Dependencies of the observed variables

The interactive table provides a visualization of the dependencies of this dataset's entries (variables) which will hopefully assist you to understand the datasets structure.

Most datasets are simple, e.g. like 10 entries depending on 1 entry. But there are other datasets which are far more complex; with relationships between various entries and even reversed dependencies.

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Direction of relationships

Entry A   Entry B
(=depends on)


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