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Dependencies in Dataset #5475

uploaded by Jens-Uwe Grooß, FZJ
during WISE mission

Entries (modelled variables)

Information about modelled variables of the current dataset.
No. Name
01 IGI latitude position above WGS84 (deg)
02 IGI longitude position above WGS84 (deg)
03 Latitude transformed to 09.10.2017 12:00:00 (ECMWF ERA Interim) (deg)
04 Longitude transformed to 09.10.2017 12:00:00 (ECMWF ERA Interim) (deg)
05 Potential temperature transformed to 09.10.2017 12:00:00 (ECMWF ERA Interim) (K)
06 Hybrid Potential temperature transformed to 09.10.2017 12:00:00 (ECMWF ERA Interim) (K)
07 Pressure (hPa)
08 Potential Temperature (K)
09 Hybrid Potential Temperature (K)
10 Tropical Troposphere (Air mass origin)
11 Lower TTL (Air mass origin)
12 Upper TTL (Air mass origin)
13 Tropical Pipe (Air mass origin)
14 Mid-Lat Troposphere (Air mass origin)
15 Mid-Lat Lowermost Stratosphere (Air mass origin)
16 Polar Troposphere (Air mass origin)
17 Polar Lowermost Stratosphere (Air mass origin)
18 Stratosphere (Air mass origin)
19 North Africa (Emisssion Tracers)
20 South Africa (Emisssion Tracers)
21 Madagskar (Emisssion Tracers)
22 North India (Emisssion Tracers)
23 South India (Emisssion Tracers)
24 SE Asia (Emisssion Tracers)
25 East China (Emisssion Tracers)
26 Australia (Emisssion Tracers)
27 South America (Emisssion Tracers)
28 North America (Emisssion Tracers)
29 Mediterranean (Emisssion Tracers)
30 Europe (Emisssion Tracers)
31 Siberia (Emisssion Tracers)
32 All Surface (Emisssion Tracers)
33 Tropical Pacific Ocean 1 (Emisssion Tracers)
34 Tropical Pacific Ocean 2 (Emisssion Tracers)
35 Tropical Pacific Ocean 3 (Emisssion Tracers)
36 Tropical Atlantic Ocean 1 (Emisssion Tracers)
37 Tropical Atlantic Ocean 2 (Emisssion Tracers)
38 Tropical Atlantic Ocean 3 (Emisssion Tracers)
39 Tropical Indian Ocean 1 (Emisssion Tracers)
40 Tropical Indian Ocean 2 (Emisssion Tracers)
41 Tropical Indian Ocean 3 (Emisssion Tracers)
42 North-West Pacific (Emisssion Tracers)
A virtual entry: time [unspecified unit] given by 31874 constant values

Dependencies of the modelled variables

The interactive table provides a visualization of the dependencies of this dataset's entries (variables) which will hopefully assist you to understand the datasets structure.

Most datasets are simple, e.g. like 10 entries depending on 1 entry. But there are other datasets which are far more complex; with relationships between various entries and even reversed dependencies.

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Direction of relationships

Entry A   Entry B
(=depends on)


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