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Dependencies in Dataset #3508

uploaded by Bernhard Buchholz, PTB Braunschweig
during ACRIDICON-CHUVA mission

Entries (observed variables)

Information about observed variables of the current dataset.
No. Name
01 Elapsed UT seconds from 0 hours on the day given by DATE
02 pressure (hPa)
03 mole fraction (ppmv)
04 lower uncertainty range (ppmv)
05 upper uncertainty range (ppmv)
06 saturation mixing ratio (ppmv)
07 N.A. mole fraction enhancement corrected (ppmv)
08 enhancement correction flag 0=false; 1=true
09 N.A. enhancement factor
10 RQI

Dependencies of the observed variables

The interactive table provides a visualization of the dependencies of this dataset's entries (variables) which will hopefully assist you to understand the datasets structure.

Most datasets are simple, e.g. like 10 entries depending on 1 entry. But there are other datasets which are far more complex; with relationships between various entries and even reversed dependencies.

Warning: It works only with JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Direction of relationships

Entry A   Entry B
(=depends on)


Enable Javascript and you'll see the dependencies of this dataset explained in this box while hovering over the table on the left.