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Dataset #5462 | WISE_2017_14_20171015…

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uploaded by FZJ
during WISE mission.

Primary data


Information about all releases of the current dataset #5462 and their availability. The release number is automatically incremented by 1 for each update, starting at 1 for the first release.
Release Upload Date Filesize File
3 2018-03-16 1850.0 KiB No Download
2 2018-03-14 1850.0 KiB No Download
1 2018-03-14 1762.3 KiB No Download

Further Information

  • Begin of free primary data access: in 80 years and 5 months*
  • Number of downloads: 22

*until then access only for members of WISE mission

Entries (modelled variables)

Information about modelled variables of the current dataset.
No. Name
01 Static Pressure (from NB_PSIA) (hPa)
02 IGI latitude position above WGS84 (deg)
03 IGI longitude position above WGS84 (deg)
04 Static Air Temperature (from BDY-TTQ) (K)
05 Potential Temperature (K)
06 Brunt-Vaisala frequency (s**-2)
07 Geopotential Height (m**2 s**-2)
08 Pressure_TROP1 (hPa)
09 Pressure_TROP2 (hPa)
10 Theta (smoothed)_TROP1 (K)
11 Theta (smoothed)_TROP2 (K)
12 Hybrid Potential Temperature (K)
13 PV (10^(-6)*K*m^2/(kg*s))
14 Equivalent Latitudes (deg N)
15 Latitude transformed to 15.10.2017 12:00:00 (ECMWF ERA Interim) (deg)
16 Longitude transformed to 15.10.2017 12:00:00 (ECMWF ERA Interim) (deg)
17 Potential temperature transformed to 15.10.2017 12:00:00 (ECMWF ERA Interim) (K)
18 Hybrid Potential temperature transformed to 15.10.2017 12:00:00 (ECMWF ERA Interim) (K)
19 Potential temperature distance from 2 PVU/380 K surface (K)
A virtual entry: time [unspecified unit] given by 22451 constant values

To browse for the dependencies of the modelled variables, please use this link.

Dataset Info

Name of dataset

#5462 |

Date last revised


Time period of the primary data


* inherited from the metadata of the mission WISE

Data format

Data Origin

Genesis of the data (see glossary):


Ongoing Subset (see glossary):



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