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Dataset #3904 | PGS_17_20160309a_BAHA…

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uploaded by DLR
during POLSTRACC mission.

Primary data


Information about all releases of the current dataset #3904 and their availability.
Release Upload Date Filesize File
1 2016-04-07 9.5 MiB No Download

Further Information

  • Begin of free primary data access: in 77 years and 6 months*
  • Number of downloads: 83

*until then access only for members of POLSTRACC mission

Entries (observed variables)

Information about observed variables of the current dataset.
No. Name
01 Timesec after midnight (UTC) in sec (UTC)
02 Absolute Humidity [g/m^3]
03 Angle of Attack [deg]
04 Angle of Sideslip [deg]
05 Height above Sea Level calculated from met. data (fast) [m]
06 Pressure Altitude [m]
07 Machnumber [Ma]
08 Static Pressure (from NB_PSIA) [hPa]
09 Dynamic Pressure [hPa]
10 Calculated True Airspeed [m/s]
11 Total Air Temperature (deicing corrected, from BDY-TTQ) [K]
12 Dewpoint Temperature [K]
13 Potential Temperature [K]
14 Virtual Potential Temperature [K]
15 Virtual Temperature [K]
16 Wind Vector East Component [m/s]
17 Wind Vector North Component [m/s]
18 Wind Vector Vertical Component [m/s]
19 Horizontal Wind Direction [deg+]
20 Horizontal Windspeed [m/s]
21 Static Air Temperature (from BDY-TTQ) [K]
22 Mass Mixing Ratio [g/kg]
23 Volume Mixing Ratio [micromol/mol]
24 Relative Humidity with Respect to Water [%]
25 IGI latitude position above WGS84 [deg]
26 IGI longitude position above WGS84 [deg]
27 IGI height above WGS84 ellipsoid [m]
28 IGI north south velocity [m/s]
29 IGI east west velocity [m/s]
30 IGI vertical velocity [m/s]
31 IGI roll angle [deg]
32 IGI pitch angle [deg]
33 IGI true heading [deg+]
34 IGI RMS value for position x [m]
35 IGI RMS value for position y [m]
36 IGI RMS value for position z [m]
37 IGI body roll rate [deg/s]
38 IGI body pitch rate [deg/s]
39 IGI body yaw rate [deg/s]
40 IGI body x-axis acceleration [m/s^2]
41 IGI body y-axis acceleration [m/s^2]
42 IGI body z-axis acceleration [m/s^2]
43 IGI vertical acceleration [m/s^2]
44 IGI actual track angle [deg+]
45 IGI ground speed [m/s]

To browse for the dependencies of the observed variables, please use this link.

Dataset Info

Name of dataset

#3904 | PGS_17_20160309a_BAHAMAS_MET.ames

Date last revised


Time period of the primary data


* inherited from the metadata of the mission POLSTRACC

Data format

Data Origin

Genesis of the data (see glossary):


Ongoing Subset (see glossary):



No license specified.