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Dataset #3398 | AC20_2014_10_01_AMETY…

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uploaded by DLR
during ACRIDICON-CHUVA mission.

Primary data


Information about all releases of the current dataset #3398 and their availability. The release number is automatically incremented by 1 for each update, starting at 1 for the first release.
Release Upload Date Filesize File
5 2016-10-06 1859.9 KiB No Download
4 2016-08-09 1859.9 KiB No Download
3 2016-08-05 1859.2 KiB No Download
2 2015-02-06 845.6 KiB No Download
1 2015-02-06 845.6 KiB No Download

Further Information

  • Begin of free primary data access: in 80 years and 5 months*
  • Number of downloads: 43

*until then access only for members of ACRIDICON-CHUVA mission

Entries (observed variables)

Information about observed variables of the current dataset.
No. Name
01 TIME seconds after midnight UTseconds (CPC Time, synchronized with HALO Bahamas)
02 Con1AMBCM cm^-3 CPC0 calculated ambient concentration
03 Con1STPCM cm^-3 CPC0 calculated STP concentration
04 Error1 Numeric value for instrument error, see list below
05 CloudFlagRM Numeric value for cloud flag, see list below
06 HP m BAHAMAS Height (pressure altitude)
07 PS hPa BAHAMAS Static Pressure
08 TS K BAHAMAS Static Temperature
09 IGI_ALT BAHAMAS IGI height above WGS84 ellipsoid [m]
10 IGI_LAT IGI BAHAMAS latitude position above WGS84 [deg]
11 IGI_LON IGI BAHAMAS longitude position above WGS84 [deg]

To browse for the dependencies of the observed variables, please use this link.

Dataset Info

Name of dataset

#3398 | AC20_2014_10_01_AMETYST_CPC1TD_V4.dat

Date last revised


Time period of the primary data


* inherited from the metadata of the mission ACRIDICON-CHUVA

Data format

Data Origin

Genesis of the data (see glossary):


Ongoing Subset (see glossary):



No license specified.