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Data source: model COSMO-MUSCAT


Name Multi-Scale Chemistry Aerosol Transport
Description The modeling department of the TROPOS has developed the state-of-the-art multiscale model system COSMO-MUSCAT (Wolke et al., 2004; 2012). It is qualified for process studies as well as the operational forecast of pollutants in local and regional areas (Heinold et al., 2007; Renner and Wolke, 2010). The model system consists of two online-coupled codes. The operational forecast model COSMO is a non-hydrostatic and compressible meteorological model and solves the governing equations on the basis of a terrain-following grid (Schättler et al., 2008; Baldauf et al., 2011). Driven by the meteorological model, the chemistry transport model MUSCAT (Multi-Scale Chemistry Aerosol Transport) treats the atmospheric transport as well as chemical transformations for several gas phase species and particle populations (Knoth and Wolke, 1998a; Wolke et al. 2012). The transport processes include advection, turbulent diffusion, sedimentation, dry and wet deposition. Source:
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