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Data source: instrument CCP-CIPg


Name Cloud Combination Probe (Cloud Imaging Probe grayscale)
Acronym CCP-CIPg
Description The DMT instruments included in the CCP are the Cloud Imaging Probe grayscale (CIPg) and the Cloud Droplet Probe (CDP). Measured Particle Size Range: CDP: 2 µm to 50 µm; CIPg: 7.5 – 930 µm. The CIP, which measures larger particles, operates as follows. Shadow images of particles passing through a collimated laser beam are projected onto a linear array of 64 photodetectors. The presence of a particle is registered by a change in the light level on each diode. The registered changes in the photodetectors are stored at a rate consistent with probe velocity and the instrument’s size resolution. Particle images are reconstructed from individual “slices,” where a slice is the state of the 64-element linear array at a given moment in time. A slice must be stored each time interval that the particle advances through the beam a distance equal to the resolution of the probe. Source: (15.12.2014)
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