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Dependencies in Dataset #6336

uploaded by Funktional Account, DLR
during TEST 1 mission

Entries (observed variables)

Information about observed variables of the current dataset.
No. Name
1 time [unspecified unit]
2 mole_​fraction_​of_​carbon_​dioxide_​in_​air [unspecified unit]
3 mole_​fraction_​of_​methane_​in_​air [ppm]
4 longitude [degree]
5 latitude [degree_north]
6 altitude [m]
A virtual entry: time [unspecified unit] given by 8221 constant values

Dependencies of the observed variables

The interactive table provides a visualization of the dependencies of this dataset's entries (variables) which will hopefully assist you to understand the datasets structure.

Most datasets are simple, e.g. like 10 entries depending on 1 entry. But there are other datasets which are far more complex; with relationships between various entries and even reversed dependencies.

Warning: It works only with JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Direction of relationships

Entry A   Entry B
(=depends on)


Enable Javascript and you'll see the dependencies of this dataset explained in this box while hovering over the table on the left.